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Okatse Canyon - Waterfall Kinchkha

Profkurort invites you to the beautiful tour - to Kinchkha waterfall. The beautiful waterfall and one of the deepest canyon Okatse are located in Imereti region.

Okatse Canyon – Natural Monument Sentenced Gorda area at the top of the village.

Canyon is Okatse river valley. The river is 14 kilometers and the width of the canyon 3-6 meters in some places, some 15-20 meters, a depth of 20 to 100 meters. Canyon decorated with a cascading waterfalls. One lake, oskhapos “length 60 meters. The lifting of the few natural kvakhidia Okatse River, one of them, Boga “. A canyon with caves, karst springs from which flow.

Calcareous bank of the canyon rather large box-trees. The valley sides covered with forest shrubs. Helical path runs from the village to the east, toward the bottom. 4 m in width and not more than kvakhidi canyon here, while the depth of 50 meters.

Tbilisi - Vill. Gordi - Okatse Canyon - Tbilisi

Tour price includes 

Transpotration from Tbilisi


Admission fee in the canyon


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